Students believe restrooms need better upkeep


Rachel Rosser, Staff Writer

The bathrooms at Freedom are not in the best condition and it is a constant complaint among students. They often don’t have paper towels, soap or toilet paper. Along with the issue of insufficient supplies, the floors are often covered in trash.
“I have been here for two years and nothing has really improved. The lights in the bathrooms are bad and it is so hard to see,” Leoely Galan, 10, explained.
Not only are the lights not improving, but neither is the overall maintenance on the bathrooms. Students think there are small things that could be fixed that would make it much better.
“To me the bathrooms are kind of disgusting. The floor is often dirty and the light and mirrors really need to be improved,” Ashley O’Conner, 9, said.
The clubs around the school attempted to improve the bathrooms by painting the walls with different murals a few years ago. This was a good step towards improving the overall quality, but these only lasted for so long as kids began to vandalize them.
Improving and renovating the schools restrooms would not only make the bathrooms cleaner and more comfortable, but also improve the student’s opinions on the bathrooms making it less likely for students to write on the walls and litter the bathrooms.
One solution among students would be to open the upstairs restrooms in the 200 building, which are currently used as a faculty bathroom.
“I don’t even see teachers using those bathrooms,” Brianna Font, 11, said. “Going up and down the stairs takes a lot of time and energy.”
Freshman Jairo Ruiz tried to find something positive while commenting on the condition of the restrooms.
“They could definitely be better the doors are messed up and we have no mirrors, but they are alright.”