FHS hosts annual Elective Fair

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FHS hosts annual Elective Fair

Clarisa, Laurent

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On January 23rd and 24th staff and students participated in Freedom High School’s elective fair. Held in the school gym during first and second lunch, an assortment of different electives ranging from Newspaper to Agriculture were only two out of the 19 found at the elective fair.

Advancement Via Individual Determination, (AVID) is an elective that prepares students for college. It goes over things such as studying habits organization strategies and motivational activities to better you for the future.

This course invites students that are: first in their family to attend college and the economically disadvantaged to join.  AVID has a 40% chance of students receiving a full ride scholarship to college.

This is Veterinary Assisting’s first year at Freedom. Students learn the proper way of taking care of animals, to identify symptoms of disease and medical terms. It is a class where students are able to interact with the animals. This semester a doggy day care is going to be included in the course.

“What separates this class from the rest is that it isn’t your standard English or math,” senior Austin Channels said. “You’re hands on with what you are studying about.”

Theatre and Stage Craft is the course for aspiring actors to practice their craft and those with a yearning for English literature. The class was cancelled last school year and will be free to choose for the 2019-2020 school year.

“It’s so awkward at first,” Melbourne King, 12, said. “Once you break out of your shell everything becomes more comfortable.”

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