First date ideas

Clarisa Laurent, Staff Writer

With the semester coming to an end, students are left to their own vices during the two week break. This break is an opportunity to hang out with friends and family without the stress of school work. Additionally, it is the perfect time to go out with that special someone.

Here are some tried and true first date ideas for the unsure first-timers.

Movies – Going out to see a movie that peaks both interests can never go wrong. A go-to if the creative juices are lacking.

Busch Gardens – The loveable theme park next door has adjusted for the holiday season. It’s been Christmas Town since November 17th, ending on January sixth. There’s nothing more romantic than walking through the Christmas lights and holding hands on the Cobra’s Curse.

You Do the Dishes – A paint your own pottery studio, this is a great place to take someone. It’s known for its ability to make customers feel right at home while they make a mess. Paint something for each other as an added bonus.

Laser Tag – Competitive and fun, getting so caught up in the game can make those first date nerves disappear! Enjoy a game of bowling on the same night.

Ice Skating- An excuse to hold hands and cuddle up together in the cold. The exercise will also surely wear down any nerves.

These are just five of many ideas to break the ice on the first date. With any luck, these also make great second dates too!