Meet Sanaa

Katherine Matthews, Staff Writer

Junior, Sanaa Joachim, is one of the many gifted artists on campus. She is well known on campus for her original drawings and bright personality.

“I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember,” said Joachim, “I got my first sketch book in sixth grade.”

People create art for many reasons. Some use it as a form of therapy, to make money, or as a hobby to do in their free time. It’s popular as a release from stress and an outlet for creativity.

Joachim draws because, “the feeling of putting all this time and effort into something and the outcome turning out perfect is so rewarding.”

From colored pencils to oils, there are countless mediums to choose from. “I usually use watercolor for painting semi realistic designs. It’s one of the easiest options.”

Joachim has been considering commissioning her art later on and she wants to continue to draw throughout her life. Creating her semi realistic art can take a lot of time an effort, but she says it’s worth it.

“My favorite art piece is when we had the prompt, the carnival of animals, where I drew sea turtles,” said Joachim, “I like how the colors blended and complimented each other to create vibrancy in the drawing.”

Joachim’s favorite type of art is impressionism. “Artist use small and simple strokes to make up a larger image with a bigger meaning,” she said, “It’s crazy to think someone can move a paintbrush a few times and convey an incredible message.”

Sanaa’s Carnival of Animals