Are Students Really Reading?

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Are Students Really Reading?

Karli Del Guidice, Staff Writer

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SparkNotes vs actual reading? Most students prefer SparkNotes because it is the easy way out of reading and it helps students study for quizzes on the book.

“I use SparkNotes because reading a short summary on a book is a lot easier than reading a long boring book,” shared Lilly Kiester, 9.

Some students argue that the time efficiency is worth it in the long run, since whether they read the original text or the online analysis, they don’t expect to retain much.

“I never remember what the book is actually about. Reading a shortened summary is so much easier for me than reading the book,” stated  Sophomore Ellis Erikson.

It solves the problem of dealing with more difficult reading comprehension or complicated symbolism.

“SparkNotes helps you understand what the book is about in a summary and it’s easier to read than long chapters in a book,” explained Jalen Royster, 11.

“I choose SparkNotes over reading the book because it helps me for any quizzes we have, then I’ll actually know what the chapter was about,” said Sophomore Hailey Martin.

On the other hand, some students disagree with SparkNotes. Does it constitute being a dishonest student while skipping all the best parts of the work?

“Reading the book includes all the important details of something specific that SparkNotes won’t have in the summary,” noted Charlotte Saxton, 9.

“I enjoy reading the book and taking notes on it as I read along. Also, SparkNotes is cheating your way through the book.” stated Luis Lopez, 11.

Are students completed their assigned reading or taking shortcuts with the help of the internet?

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