Top 5 Basic Rules of Texting

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Top 5 Basic Rules of Texting

Brittany Zheng, Staff Writer

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With the world becoming more connected, texting has emerged as the premier form of communication. Gone are the days when people called others to make plans and rant about their day. Here are 5 rules when it comes to texting etiquette.

The Golden Rule

Don’t start a conversation that you do not intend to engage in. Why is this the most important rule? Because it is frustratingly obvious when are trying to boost your ego and seek attention. Save others from the irritation and discontent of your dry socials.

Rule 2: If you’re running late, LET THEM KNOW

It is just common courtesy. Don’t be that guy.

Rule 3:If you still want to be friends, Respond back

Your lack of response will be interpreted as your lack of care. Make an effort to respond promptly. Keep in mind that if it takes you two days to respond back, by default I have two days to get back to you. There is no room to be upset or annoyed.

Rule 4: Dropping the big “K”

Unless you want to lose friends, avoid responding with “k” or “kk” at all cost. It gives the appearance that you couldn’t care less or that you are intentionally being snarky. They at least deserve the full “okay.”

Rule 5: Don’t underestimate the power of grammar

If you do not know the difference between your and you’re, chances are you’re probably stupid. Here’s a quick rundown.

Your – A possessive term associated to the person the speaker is addressing. “How was your day?”

You’re – Short for you are. “You’re cool!”

Their – Possessive case of they. “They’re in their house.”

There – In, at or referring to a location. “She’s in there.”

They’re – Short for they are. “They’re over there.”

But for real, the only real rule is: Don’t text and drive. It can wait.

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