Fast Food Frenzie

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Fast Food Frenzie

Aidan Carney, Staff Writer

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Whether it’s before school for breakfast or after practice, Freedom High School students commonly eat at fast food restaurants. While it’s unclear what the true definition of a fast food restaurant is, they can range from drive-through options to food that is made in front of customers.


Many students seem to enjoy going to Moe’s and Chipotle, with some choosing one restaurant over the other.


“Moe’s is always the go to spot after school,” Senior Evan Tiller stated. “I love going there because of their stacks. They’re untouchable. Also, what’s better than being able to go to Moe’s on Monday?”


Moe’s offers the ‘Moe’s Monday’ deal, which provides a burrito, drink, and chips for $6.49.

Tiller asks, “How can a high schooler beat a deal like that? Moe’s is the move no matter what.”


Contrary to Tiller’s opinions, many restaurants provide valid reasons on why you should dine at their establishments.


“Chick-fil-a is the best in every way possible,” Senior Diana Perez said. “Every time I go in there, they always provide the best service and the employees seem to always have a positive attitude. The food is always brought out super quickly too.”


Apart from the quality of the food and service, students have other reasons for their favorite restaurants.


When asked what her favorite fast food restaurant is, Junior Jordan Sanchez replied, “McDonald’s, because they’re there for me when no one else is.”


Students have many different opinions on which fast food restaurant is the best one to go to. Each choice may be the best for different people, depending on the types of moods that they are in. The wide array of options, however, guarantees that students always have somewhere to eat.


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