Finally Thanksgiving Break

Brittany Zheng, Staff Writer

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Thanksgiving is a time for everyone to stop and appreciate what one has. It’s one of the few days in the year for families to gather and spend time together. From cooking and eating to shopping or just not having school, everyone has plans they look forward to during the holiday.

Students at Freedom have many expectations for the upcoming break. Everyone is excited for the week off, free of homework or school. This gives everyone a well deserved break and a chance to catch up with friends and family.

“I am excited for Black Friday shopping because I really want some new snow boots. My sister is also coming in town and I plan on visiting her,” said Addie Port, 12.

Many students are thrilled to go Black Friday shopping. It is a day when almost everything is on sale and a time for students to spend all of their money. It also kicks off the season of gift giving and a sign that Christmas is coming.

“I plan to go black Friday shopping with my cousin. It’s the first time I am going black Friday shopping! I am also going to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to visit my family. I am looking forward to making Thanksgiving dinner with my Grandma. She is known for her green bean casserole,” said Senior Bo Riddle.

Many students are expecting family members from other states or traveling to a relative’s place to spend the holiday.

“I haven’t seem my family in over a year so I am looking forward to see them,” said Riddle.

While most students look forward to Thanksgiving, Senior Marilynn Gonzalez does not.

“I’m not really excited for Thanksgiving food because eating turkey is inhumane, but I do appreciate scalloped potatoes,” said Gonzalez.

Although most people look forward to Thanksgiving turkeys, stuffing or scalloped potatoes, it is also a day for rest. Students can relax and not worry about school, while catching up on sleep and hanging out with friends

“I’m most looking forward to relaxing and catching up on my ‘Zzz’s because ya girl is overworked and underpaid, [sic]” said Gonzalez.

Thanksgiving break is a chance for students to reset their minds and prepare them for the end of the semester. It gives students the chance to enjoy time with family and friends and to spend all the money they have been saving for the past month.

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