AP vs. A.I.C.E vs. IB

Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

AP and A.I.C.E are just some of the many programs Freedom hosts. While they have
a similar goal to receive college credit hours, they are very different.

Known as the Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education, the A.I.C.E program
or more commonly known as the Cambridge program is a new way to receive college credits and
graduate with another diploma. Once completed, you can receive college credit hours and Bright
Futures scholarships if you are located in the state of Florida.

These classes are known for their larger workload and are designed
specifically to get you ready for college level classes.

Seven credits are a requirement for earning the A.I.C.E diploma. You need to receive one credit
each from Groups 1, 2, and 3, and another three credits distributed across the groups in any
desired combination. The last credit can be earned through the International AS Level Global
Perspectives/ Research course. To receive a diploma, you must also take an A.I.C.E language
class and converse with someone else for 20 minutes as part of your test.

AP or advanced placement also have a heavy workload. They are designed to teach
kids to problem solve and connect to real world topics.

These classes not only offer college credits, but a GPA boost. Students taking these courses can
accumulate a GPA above that of a student in normal classes.
In order to receive college credit, you must pass the end of year AP exams. You can score
anywhere from a 1-5, with 3,4, and 5 being the only passing scores. If you do not pass, while you
may not get credit for college, you still get a GPA boost if you had a good enough grade.

The advanced placement program is a great way to challenge yourself with college level rigor
while still learning to be a better and well-rounded student.

Lastly is the IB or International Baccalaureate program. While it is not offered at Freedom, IB is
another opportunity to earn a second diploma and gain knowledgeable experience from an often
heavy and altered workload.

In order to earn an IB Diploma, you must attend an IB-approved school that is often called an IB
World School and meet all the requirements listed. These include taking classes in the six subject
groups, passing all of the IB exams, and completing any three additional core class requirements.

Another bonus of these classes is that some colleges will fully waive all general education
requirements for students who have completed the full IB Diploma through high school. This
diploma Is a great way to save time and money in college.

These classes allow students to become more knowledgeable and able to apply courses to real
world concepts. Whether at Freedom or not, they are a great way to become a more educated
student and citizen.