Would You Trade Your Paper Books for Digital Versions?

Would You Trade Your Paper Books for Digital Versions?

Hudson Brown, Staff Writer

Paper books have something nice about them that are easy to hold and can be
satisfying to read out of. But with digital books there are so many more you can
read very quickly.

Digital books are able to be highlighted and unhighlighted unlike a regular old
paper book. They have an added value they way you are able to undo things like
writing a note or highlighting a line.

Also with the digital versions you can zoom in and out letting you capture the
best angle and font size for reading.

Digitizing is a big thing now and let’s you save or send anything you have online
to anyone at any point, anywhere. Online books will last as long as the internet
lasts, so they would be able to be out there forever.

A paper book can get so dirty and torn up that after awhile there will be words
that are covered up and pages missing.

There’s added value to these digital copies just for the fact they offer so much
extra features that aren’t imaginable on a regular ol’ paper book because they are
just simple printed out pieces of paper.

Enjoying a book at night is something many people enjoy as well, I remember
those book lights that are battery powered and can be clipped to the book so you
can read at night. It was something most people probably remember or have had
an experience with.

Those lights would fall or have to be moved every page and would cause the
reading to be slowed down. With the digital books you don’t need a light because
they are a light and you are usually able to make them brighter or dimmer letting
your read at any point in the day.

So yes, I would trade paper books for digital books.