Time Flies

Ally Dammer, Staff Writer

Seniors are getting closer and closer to graduating as we continue to make it through the year.
The first semester has come to an end and we are making our way through the second

The second semester can change drastically from your first semester. You might have new
classes, more work, and maybe you will even make some new friends. How might our seniors
feel though? As we all know this is their last semester before finishing school. In about six
months, they will graduate and start their own lives.

Coming back from break can be exciting just as much as it can be stressful. By the second
semester seniors are pretty much done and are just here for the ride. Exams are done, now all
they have to do is decide what they want to do after they graduate.

“I wasn’t ready to graduate before but the past four years taught me alot about time
management so I feel like I am ready to graduate.” Debbie Daniel,12, said. Daniel wants to go
to college in Florida to be a mechanical engineer.

“The worst part of high school was probably sitting in a boring classroom,”Jayvon Allen,12, said.
After years of hard work and “sitting in boring classrooms,” seniors are ready to graduate and
start their journey.

We asked Debbie Daniel,12, for one piece of advice she would give to upcoming seniors.

“Be prepared for failure, success, and always be on top of it, don’t procrastinate”, Debbie