Current musicians that will defy the logic of time


Yannik Daglo, Staff Writer

Music is truly important to us as human beings, because music lasts forever. Eventually we die and
life goes on, but not music. We may listen to music from the last century and the future generations,
sometime down the line will listen to music from our time right now. That’s why some artists and
musicians are special, like the Mozart’s and Beethoven’s of the world. Because their music is
transcendent through time. And there are a few artists today who I believe will stand beyond time.
The first artist I want to say is Drake, and that honestly should be a no brainer and his numbers speak
for itself. Since arriving on the scene, he’s been arguably been the biggest artist of the past decade,
there’s been many years where he was the most streamed artist, and his biggest strength isn’t even just
that. I personally believe it’s his versality, that’s his biggest strength when it comes to his music. Drake
has got into the Dancehall, Afro-Beats, and recently House music side of artistry. That is really hard for
just musicians in general, to be able to switch their flow up and still succeed. He’s truly one of the
generational talents of our day and will surpass over time.
The second is Kendrick Lamar, arguably the best rapper of the past decade. Kendrick’s music is
different from a guy like Drake’s, but it’s important to listen to, as it speaks to you. Kendrick won the
coveted Pulitzer award in music for his album “D—N” in 2016. But beyond that he is known for speaking
about the hardships of a black man, especially in the U.S., while speaking about most of the things we
are afraid to speak about. He provides that voice that is rarely provided by a person of high status.
The last person is Beyonce, and this really shouldn’t be spoken about at all and would be disrespectful
to argue against. Everything Beyonce does, she does with grace and poise, while having a voice, most
can’t compete with. She’s also a great role model for young woman and people in general, while making
a lot of us feel like we’re in her shoes in some songs, if not she’s making music that varies depending on
our different moods.