What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

Sophia Wilson, Staff Writer

My thanksgiving traditions are quite simple. My family does not really go all out for this holiday. Usually,
we invite my grandma to our house and celebrate with her. Before that my family and I start cooking in
preparation. We all go to the store couple of days before to get a turkey, vegetables, potatoes, pie crust
and pie filling, and any extra necessities we may need.

My mom will start by seasoning the turkey, and letting it marinate before putting it in the oven. My
brother will peel the potatoes, cut them, and mash them to form mashed potatoes. My dad will make
his “famous apple pie “make the stuffing, mac, and cheese. I will cut all the vegetables and make a big
salad. My grandma will bring over her green bean casserole and drinks for the adults.

Although many other families go all out for thanksgiving, we like to stay close and celebrate together as
a family. After all the food is ready, I set the table with utensils, drinks, napkins, and of course the food.

My grandma will say the prayer and we all hold hands and say it together. After the prayer is done, we
feast! I normally get the smallest plate because I am a very precise eater. When we all finish eating, I
always like to help clean up and help my mom with the dishes. There are always many leftovers, so I
help store them in different containers. And after, I will enjoy a nice slice of pumpkin pie with whip

My thanksgiving traditions are very original to others, but I love giving thanks to my family. It shows how
I should never take anything for granted and always appreciate the things I get. Thanksgiving is one of
my favorite holidays to celebrate.