Would you quit social media?

Isabella Selvaggi, Staff Writer

Would you quit social media, the biggest question in this society. Me? I would probably not be able to. Social media has been such a big part of my life whether it be me growing up with it or my teen life using it now.

The only way I would quit social media is if the whole world did. It would be hard for me to quit if I still saw everyone else on it because I would feel as if I were missing out. I would miss being able to share my life but, it would be fun to be free from all the toxic pressures of the influencers. You would have to be strong to be able to post anything because there could always be a possibility someone could not like your post and put hate on it, but you will just have to deal with it. You could also get hated for re-posting something people think is offensive or even liking it.

I wouldn’t quit because I love being able to share my life and find it very fun. A lot of different social media is used to share different things but that is what makes it hard to quit. As much as I might hate the toxicity of it, it would be very difficult to get it out of my life after so long. I love social media for being able to find old friends or anyone new. I also love it because I feel it improves my self-confidence and it gives me more life skills in general. I feel it can help a lot of people, but you just must use it in the right way because there are many ways to misuse it. Social media has been a part of my life since I have had a phone and I don’t know what I would do without it.