Should Teenagers be Allowed to Drive?


Ally Dammer, Staff Writer

People constantly talk about how bad teens are at driving. Whether it’s about them going 80 in a school
zone or running red lights, there’s always something being said about it.

Teens tend to want to look cool Infront of their friends or even when they’re by themselves. This causes
them to drive recklessly. Not only are they putting their own life at risk but if there is anyone else in the
car or even around them, they could be affected too.

Teenagers don’t understand the risk of driving and when they treat it like a game then they should not
be allowed to sit behind the wheel.

Don’t get me wrong, some teens are responsible enough to drive and not be immature about it. I think
there should be more steps that you have to go through in order to get your license.

Driving tests now are so easy to pass and you need no actual skill. The driving instructors pass kids that
should not be on the road and just tell them to practice more.

Practice more on the road by themselves? Doesn’t seem too safe to me. The amount of news stories I
see a day of teens dying in car accidents its crazy. My parents don’t even like me driving later than 10
pm because they don’t want to see their child on the news like that.

If teenagers can’t understand the value of life enough, then they shouldn’t be driving. I’m not saying we
should take away the right for teens to drive completely but I think there should be a longer process
before you can start driving.

If we can do this then when teenagers finally get their licenses, they’ll be more appreciative of it and
won’t be as immature about it.