Do my friends have the same political views as me?


Yannik Daglo, Staff Writer

As humans, we all are different and have different views and opinions on many things which is ok. As intellectuals we all have different ideas on the way things should work and how things are. The question on whether if my friends on social media share the same political views as me, is a great question and will get you to think about what your friends think of things politically, and the answer to that question is simply no.
First, we have to understand that all of us have the ability to understand things in our point of view. With politics, it’s about what you believe benefits you and others around you. And more than beyond that, my opinions and beliefs will be different than the next person’s.
We also can help each other learn more with politics and how things stand. I won’t judge my friend based off their views on political issues, but more of whether they’re willing to understand others and learn. The great thing about humans is that we have the ability to teach one another about political issues and stances, so we should take advantage of that. If my friend had a different political opinion than me, and I get mad at their opinion what better is that going to do for me. It’s also good if my friend has their own views on pollical stances, because we are in the times where you must get political, regardless of if you’re old or young.
My friends may not have the same political views as me but that’s ok if we can help each other learn more on both of our stances. I can see why people may not like that, as some people may not understand the problem to some of the issues going on. Others may not get that some issues are sensitive to others around them or may simply just not care as much. But that’s where we help each other learn more about what’s going in the world.