What are the best shows and movies this year?

What are the best shows and movies this year?

Sophia Wilson, Staff Writer

Some tv shows and movies I have watched are Greys Anatomy, Mean Girls, Fuller House, and many
more. These are some extremely popular Netflix series or movies that many other people love. I love
these because they are either funny or interesting to watch.

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my top 5 and I highly recommend it for others to watch. Although it has many
seasons, it is really entertaining and keeps you busy if you do not have anything else to watch. The show
is about many doctors who come in as interns for their first year and learn many valuable and important
lessons about becoming a doctor one day. They all come in as strangers to each other and next they are
best friends and perform surgeries together.

Mean Girls is about a group of popular girls who became friends with a new girl from Africa. They each
have a different personality that rubs off on the new girl. She is influenced by their actions and changes
throughout the year. She sabotages the meanest girl of all and makes her life miserable after hearing
what she does to other students. Throughout the movie they all hate each other but at the end, they all
become best friends again.

Fuller House is about a big family that values each other tremendously. They all grew up in the same
house that holds 30 years of memories. This show is about balancing living far from your loved ones and
realizing that being an adult is challenging. The dad gives amazing advice to his daughters who become
parents and have no clue what to do. The uncle is there for the support of his nieces and nephews when
it comes to babysitting or helping with emergencies.

I highly recommend all three of these because they have made me laugh so much. I have always been
entertained by them even after watching them repeatedly.