The Most Influential Woman in Music

The Most Influential Woman in Music

Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

Music and social media shape who we are as we grow up. They allow us to let out
emotion and relate to things happening in our lives.

The lyrics and politics of the celebrities we look up to stay in our mind. Most
modern-day teens prefer listening to music that mirrors how they feel and allows
them to relate to it, music like that means a lot to me.

Taylor Swift writes and sings music you can relate to. She is arguably one of the
most influential young female artists of the century. Each of her albums come with
carefully crafted songs, each lyric and line with just as much meaning as the last.

In her newer albums, Swift preaches about big social issues that the teens of today
have been experiencing. She makes people of any age feel seen and accepted.

Swift’s album “Lover” came out in 2019 and allowed her to express her perspective
on self-love and relationships today. One of her most streamed songs from the
album lover was ME! This song was created to tell people that they should
embrace their individuality and celebrate who they are.

For me, growing up in an age where everything is online, I feel as if I must fit into
everything society wants me to be. One day society tells me I need to be skinnier,
another day curvy. The next day I need to speak quietly, or that I should stand up
for myself and not be so shy.

We are told to act in so many ways that we lose who we are as a person. Swift’s
song ME! helped me realize that it did not matter how loud or annoying I was, but
how I treated others and loved myself.

She influenced me and other girls all around the nation to realize that it does not
matter what we look like, or how we identify. It matters who we are as a person
and how we embrace our individuality.

So, who cares if I am loud, or tell too many dad jokes, I know that just being
myself is enough thanks to Taylor Swift.