Would you quit social media?


Ally Dammer, Staff Writer

Personally, I would not quit social media. As much as I always say I will, or I hate it, I will not.

Social media is how I communicate with my friends and family and just catch up on different
things. I can also find new shows to watch, different makeup looks, and unique Halloween costumes.

Social media is a way to explore new things and make new friends. Or even catch up with old ones.
Social media is not for the weak though. Whether you posted something that someone else did not like,
or you liked a post that was offensive to some people.

Someone is always going to find something wrong with what you say or post on social media. So just
stop caring about what others think or say. If you can do this, then when you are ready to go into the
real world you will have less of a chance of getting walked all over.

Therefore, I will not be deleting social media. I think at the end of the day it will make people stronger
and they will be able to finally stand up for themselves.

Another reason I would not delete social media is because you can find anyone on social media. When I
make a friend somewhere but forget to get their number, social media is the easiest way to find

Because of this feature I prefer to keep my social media pages private so that I can see who wants to
follow me first. If it is someone, I know then I will accept it but if it is someone I do not know or know is
just going to start problems, then I will not accept it.

Social media is just a fun way to catch up with people and talk to new people. I have been using social
media since 7th grade and it has honestly made me a more independent and confident person.