Does Class Size Matter?

Hudson Brown, Staff Writer

I feel that class size can contribute to the level/amount of learning that a class can do. The less kids
there are the more focused they can be.
With less kids the teacher is able to have more speaking power by not having to talk over every one.
They also don’t have as many kids to gather their focus and pay attention. With the kids paying
attention they are able to retain what they are being taught.
When there are more kids there is likely that there are more friends in that class to talk to each other.
If there are more friends then they’ll be more likely to talk and not be able to pay attempting to the
teacher at all.
When a class can’t pay attention it is normally due to their lack of motivation but if you have less kids
you are able to motivate them easier than it would be to motivate a class of 40 kids. You need to keep a
classes motivation up so they are willing to learn and can strive to pass.
I feel that most kids today are more focused on talking to their friends in class and socializing more. So
if the classes are larger there are more kids to socialize with and are distracted easier by all of the talking
around them. With a small class you are able to spread the kids out and minimize talking between kids,
giving them a better chance to learn.
Class size could be a major factor in learning and a big factor in many kids being able to get the credits
that they need to graduate or move on to the next grade. If schools payed more attention to the
different classes size I feel there would be better grades throughout schools.