Technology and Learning



Wikidata Workshop at Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology

Mohamed Abdelaziz, Staff Writer

Technology in learning
Technology is very useful and efficient in learning, in school they use technology in some stuff like smart
boards, Laptops, Online schooling and a lot of other stuff that makes learning much easier and faster, if
you don’t know the answer of your math homework you can just open your phone and search it up, if
you were absent in someday you can just check your work online; no one can imagine school without

Teacher’s struggle
Unfortunately, some teachers are not from this generation, they struggle with technology a lot, ever
seen your teacher struggling with any smart device like having a problem with a projector or can’t run
his computer very good well because a lot of teachers are new to technology, and they don’t know how
to deal with it.

Students’ distraction
A lot of teachers ban phones from their classroom, and they have a good reason for it, most of the
students use their phones in the middle of the class, you could be texting your friend or watching some
videos, put their AirPods on and stop listening to the teachers, sometimes teachers will get mad and ask
the student for his phone and sometimes the student refuse to hand the phone over so they get in really
serious trouble.

Technology at home
Technology is not only in school, sometimes you have to do your homework, but you say, “one more
game” or “one more video.” Same thing with teachers – “I will grade these assignments after this
episode.” Technology doesn’t only stop us from learning, it stops us from doing our work. Technology
might be really important but it’s easy for it to distract you from your work, family, learning, and even life.
Technology is useful but you need to know when to use it.