Here comes Ian


Jhade Fresneda, Staff Writer

During the hurricane I spent the whole week at my grandmother house. She was so scared and nervous so, asked me to say with her.

While with my grandma we made a cake because our electricity didn’t go out we also had karaoke night. The best part was looking at all the pictures of the family while listening to the rain.

The first night we didn’t sleep because of the hurricane we stayed up watching the hurricane on the news and monitoring Ian.

Then my aunt came and spent the week with us as well and had more karaoke nights.

We cleaned the house and Thursday my uncle came and we had Chinese food we were able to Door-Dash because the app was down during the hurricane.

It’s Friday and the whole family is coming together to spend time together and talk have a dinner since we weren’t able to be around each other because of the hurricane.

Ian caused a lot of destruction all around Florida but we were lucky enough to have not experienced any destruction to the point that other cities did like Orlando and Ft. Myers. We are grateful to have not experienced anything bad . So, now we are just coming together as a family on this Friday and enjoy each-other company’s before we all get back to our day life responsibilities. Ian is gone and we have peace of mind.