BeReal: The App that is Taking Over Freedom Like a Storm


Ishitha Panguluri, Staff Writer

You are in your English class and you get a notification “2 min left to capture your BeReal and see what your friends are up to!”.

At this moment, you know exactly what to do, you slyly pull your phone out from under the desk and quickly click to notification to see that 12 of your friends have already posted. This is the app that is taking over our school like a storm.

BeReal is a popular app that sends a notification during the day and sets a timer for the person to take a picture within a two-minute period. This app, like most social media, is downloaded by many; 25 out of 32 students in an AP Computer Science class have BeReal downloaded on their phones.

“Even though I don’t have the app, it still looks like a great way to create memories with your friends,” Alyssa Grasso (11) said.

These notifications become part of a daily routine as students await for the notification to post about where they are in their day. Usually it goes like this: get the notification, post your BeReal within two minutes, and react to other peoples’ BeReal, and wait for the next day to do it all again.

(insert picture of students taking a BeReal)

Though some people make sure they are on a posting streak, making sure they don’t miss a day without posting on time, others think that these notifications become redundant and therefore don’t post as often.

“Half of the time, I don’t even take the picture. I only take them when I am with my friends or someplace interesting enough to take a BeReal,” Mirilini Bose (11) said.

BeReal is becoming an app where your friends can see your life and where you are throughout the day. This app is becoming a way to show all the great places people are going, showing only the interesting parts of their life.

“I think It is a cool app, but I don’t have an interesting life, so I may not have a major use for it,” Lindsey Sheppard (10) said. “If I do take a BeReal, it would probably be me at home.”