“30 Days Without an Accident”


Last Sunday, AMC’s The Walking Dead made its long awaited season four debut. Some 16 million people tuned in to see what’s new at the prison. In this episode, viewers were caught up with everything that occurred over the past few months while the show has been off air. With their previous threat (the Governor) seemingly out of the way, things are quite calm, tying in to the premiere’s title “30 Days Without an Accident.”

With The Governor gone, Rick and the rest of the camp have clearly been able to subside. However, Rick is now wandering around outside the fences with no gun. He even makes the mistake of trusting a woman he found in the woods, who later brings him to her campsite and attempts to kill him. As everyone worries about him, Rick inadvertently continues without a care. It seems he has traded in his gun for a shovel.  He has begun farming so the group will soon need to go on a very limited amount of supply runs outside the compound. We also see that Michonne is constantly leaving for days at a time, searching for The Governor. After three seasons of anticipation, many fans were thrilled to see that Daryl and Carol are finally together. Beth has also found a relationship with one of the newer members, but sadly the new-comer did not make it to the end of this episode. Glenn and Maggie are still engaged and, in this episode, they found out Maggie is not pregnant; however, she is not sure that this is such a great thing even after Laurie’s tragic death while giving birth to Judith. “I don’t want to be afraid of being alive,” she said.

The highly anticipated return did not disappoint viewers. As far as we can tell, this season will not be as peaceful as foreseen. Even with certain obstacles out of the way, they will never be guaranteed safety in the Apocalypse. With so many new members, we can expect to have many losses to come. This episode is setting us up for a very exhilarating season.