Cuyler Bliss, Staff Writer

While being a student at Freedom I’ve observed and heard about issues the student body has talked about constantly since the beginning of the year that have not been fixed or addressed.

1. Some students feel like their teachers aren’t preparing them well enough for their end of year exams or . Some teachers tend to give low energy at the end of year which is understandable
with summer right around the corner. But students claim they can’t leave us hanging to teach ourselves. Or a bigger standing issue would be that students feel like teachers didn’t give out a
good enough review to cover anything. Don’t expect good grades when there’s no good review behind it.

2. Dress code biases against females. During the first semester everyone witnessed a small protest against dress code rules for girls since the school itself was cracking down on everyone. Many kids will argue that wearing running shorts and shirts that expose some skin are fine, but administration took down kids who just wore simple clothing.

3. Walking in the hallways wouldn’t be an issue you would expect. But with the amount of issues that occur during passing times, it’s became an issue. Too many students walk at a pace that’s too leisurely for some, some students may just stand in a group taking up the whole walking space, or a fight could break out and you could get in the middle of it.

4. Freedom has had a A/C problem since the beginning of the year. It hasn’t always been the same building or even classrooms, but noticeably only certain sections of the school have good cold a/c while others don’t. The school as a whole can see this to be annoying when going from a class of 65° to a class of 80° with no air flow.

Freedom is a top public school in Hillsborough county, but with all of our perfections come flaws that
students feel the right to be addressed and taken into account. While many have been and the student
body is just opinionated and not let it go, others could be brought up to see a change that the school