Switching Seats

Switching Seats

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

A couple of weeks ago, Elon Musk decided to buy twitter and get the company to go private.

He offered to buy the company for more than the price of the market which was good news for the shareholders but bad news for the management team.

The management team of Twitter barely own any shares of the company unlike other big companies. Birgees Ali, a freshman, said that this change could be good and bad depending on the person in question.

“Obviously this was a winning move for shareholders but a losing one for the company’s own team members because they don’t own a lot of
the shares in the company and it’d be very unfair if they lose their positions or their job all together because of that,” Birgees said.

Twitter also has wealthy shareholders and none of them are a part of the management team or run any part of the company which means
that when Elon Musk owns Twitter, they are going to lose their jobs due to the prices of the shares.

Shane LeNoir, a senior, thinks that it’s a bad move because people working for twitter might lose their jobs.

“I feel bad for the workers there because none of them own any shares and even the ones that do will most likely have to sell them to Elon
Musk since he’s offering more than the stock market price for every share,” LeNoir said.

It’s part of the law for a company to do what’s best interest for their shareholders and Elon Musk has mentioned that he wants to change
certain things with the software and make it a better platform for free speech and has gotten both good and bad feedback regarding that.

There has been some criticism on social media about this issue because some people view it as unfair while the others see this as a good
opportunity for people on social media to express themselves freely without censorship by twitter and that’s why it’s important to pay
attention to news like these and look at all the different opinions going around to stay informed and educated.