Up, up and away!

Olivia Murrin will be attending Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Olivia Murrin will be attending Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Michelle Morgan, Editor-In-Chief

Graduation is quickly approaching, and it is of the last chances for seniors in the class of 2022 to declare
their intent for college plans. Students are both staying local and traveling far and wide across the
country for school.

Ryleigh Gray, 12, is staying relatively close to home, and attending the University of Florida, which to
her, has always felt like a second home. “My mom and both of my brothers went to UF, so I was always
in Gainesville, and at The Swamp for football games,” she said. In addition, one of her brothers was in a
music program at the university, so she was up there even more often, and that helped make the
campus comfortable for her.

Will Douglass, 12, will be attending the University of Central Florida, in Orlando. He said, “I was looking
at major Florida universities, like UF, FSU, and UCF, and just felt most comfortable on the UCF campus. I
really like it there.” A large part of the college decision comes from comfort when visiting the campus.

Erin Soko, 12, will be going a little farther than a lot of students. She will be attending Northwestern
University in Evanston, Illinois, which is just north of Chicago. Soko, an accomplished dancer, had to take
into account her extracurriculars when thinking about her continued education. “I love Northwestern.
The programs seem really flexible, and they have a dance program I can audition for once I get there,”
she said.

Also picking a school not so close to home is senior Olivia Murrin. Murrin will be attending the University
of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame has always been the dream for her. “It started when
I was in 7th grade; my dad loved football and I was starting to get into it,” she said. She began to cheer
for the school and eventually grew to love the school itself and was granted admission.

Back in the sunshine state, Josh Brandt, 12, will be attending the University of Florida. Like Douglass, he
was deciding between some major Florida universities but ended up choosing the one he was most
comfortable at. “It’s my dream school, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go there,” Brandt said.