Are AP classes worth it?


Hadley Linne, Staff Writer

With exams around the corner most students are debating whether or not taking so many AP’s was worth it. There are many AP courses available at Freedom high like; AP Human Geography, AP World History, AP Statistics, just to name a few.

“I take AP psych and I don’t think it’s worth it because if you don’t pass the AP exam it doesn’t help you out it just causes more stress,” Sara Elboufi (10) said.

AP classes are known to more work than other classes. So many students are often stressed and frequently studying.

“I stress myself out and get anxiety when I take tests. In AP world I have to study extra or I will fail my test,” Ishitha Panguluri (10) said.

AP classes have a lot of benefits. They make students learn better time management and how to grasp more complicated subjects. These particular classes are meant to give students an introduction to the “college experience” and help them better prepare.

“AP classes can be really hard sometimes and seem like it’s not worth it but it’s nice to have something similar to college classes so I can be better prepared,” Addie Barno (10) said.

While there are benefits there are also known negatives to AP classes. The classes can be so much work that they force students to focus mainly on those classes instead. Students that have good time management are able to deal with this well.

“I find myself mostly doing my AP World and AP Psych work over my other classes which is hard to deal with,” Angela Montana (10) said. “Overall I think the classes are worth it if your willing to put in the extra effort.”