Freedom Musical Theatre presents – Mamma Mia!

Joseph Afiat, 9, Cassie Adams, 12, and Teeven Ward, 12 during “Under Attack”

Joseph Afiat, 9, Cassie Adams, 12, and Teeven Ward, 12 during “Under Attack”

Michelle Morgan, Editor-In-Chief

On this past Saturday, the Freedom Musical Theatre program had their last show of the year, and it was nothing short of outstanding. The program performed the musical Mamma Mia on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, and honored the seniors in the class after the last show.

(Below): Emily Woo, 11, Kaitlyn Graulich, 11, and Lily Ogden, 11, playing Tanya, Donna, and Rosie)

Cassie Adams, 12, played Sophie- Donna Sheridan’s daughter- really loved playing her role, saying, “my favorite part of playing Sophie was probably her innocence, she was trying to hide her search for her dad from her mom, which I thought was really funny.” Adams’s favorite song was “Under Attack” which was the first song in the second act., and had some very complicated choreography.
Sam Carmichael- the man who ends up marrying Donna- was played by junior Javier Canals. He said that his favorite song during the show was “SOS”, and that he loved playing Sam because, “it was fun to get to show emotion and interact with the other characters.”
Ollie Matos, 12, played the role of Allie, one of Sophie’s best friends and bridesmaids. They loved playing this part in their senior year, and, “sobbed like a baby,” at the show’s conclusion. “This being the last show made me realize that it really is over. I’m growing up, and that’s a really hard pill to swallow,” they said.
Mya Gallagher, 12, portrayed Father Alexandrios in the show. Her favorite song was “Take a Chance on Me”, featuring Bill and Rosie (show characters played by Teeven Ward, 12 and Lily Ogden, 11) because, “it’s cute and catchy, and I love that their characters get together at the end.” Gallagher said that the most emotional part of the night was seeing her sister and nephew in the crowd, and just starting to cry realizing that this was her last show.
The cast production crew of this show did an incredible job and theatre is definitely an amazing elective choice at Freedom. “I would definitely recommend to anyone to join musical theatre,” Canals said.