Cryptocurrency in the perspective of 15-year-old


Ishitha Panguluri, Staff Writer

The word on cryptocurrency has skyrocketed starting from November of 2021. This metaverse
is a world of its own, and the opportunities are endless in these communities.
I started getting into Web 3 a month and a half ago. It was interesting to see how networking
takes place in an atmosphere that seems like an alternate universe. It started off with me
getting introduced to NFT from a co-worker, and my initial thought was, “it is wild how people
are paying THOUSANDS for a JPEG”. A phrase that goes around in the NFT community is that a
project is beyond a JPEG, it is all about the team and the mission behind the initiation of a
project started in the web 3. I was so quickly drawn to it that I started incorporating my
programming and art skill to develop a project that is growing with the upmost integrity from
the people we cater to.

I started Smarkle NFT, a project that revolves around the education inequity within
neurodivergence communities, around a month and a half ago. Build a project from the
foundation up takes plenty of time, dedication, and effort- a daydream becomes real life once
you put your drive into what you do.

This journey of navigating through the different pathways has networked me into many groups.
I was able to connect with people from the Harvard Blockchain Conference and talk to
professionals in many fields.

This is a great advantage to someone in high school, as myself, because I can learn and talk to
various people that trade Crypto on the side while they work professional career.