Review: The Batman


Hares Ibrahim, Staff Writer

There was a new Batman movie released on Friday, March 4. Everyone is talking about it and
there are a bunch of mixed feelings. Some people think that it is the best Batman yet, some think it is
the worst, some think it was an okay movie, and some have not even watched it. Whatever the case
may be, it is the new buzz that is going around, and people cannot help but gather a group of friends
and head to the theater and watch it. The new film is around three hours long which means there is a lot
of content to pay attention to.
“The movie was great; a lot of people did not like it because all they were looking for was action.
However, if you really paid attention to the storyline, you would think it is interesting as well,” Giovanni
Mendoza, 11, said.
As high schoolers, we always look for visually interesting content like jumping out of a helicopter
or driving around in Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Batman did have a suitable number of action scenes, but
if that were all you were looking for, you would not have enjoyed the movie.
“If someone was expecting a 3-hour movie of just Batman swinging around and beating up
villains, then they went to the wrong movie. The Batman series has always been known as movies with
the best storylines and editing. People really need to pay attention to the important stuff,” Najdat
Katicha, 11, said.
People’s judgments and criticism of the new movie would be based on what they were initially
looking for in the movie. If someone wanted a straight 3-hour film of action, they would not have
enjoyed the movie. If one walked in with no expectations, then their time would have been spent more