The benefits of and my experience with the ASVAB test


Chance Eddings, Staff Writer

The ASVAB test is an aptitude test offered by the school which calculates
which jobs you would perform best in the military. Taking the test is required
for students in R.O.T.C but is offered to all students through sign up. The test
is composed of seven parts including science, mathematics, electrical
knowledge, mechanics and arithmetic and one score is given for each. I took
the ASVAB test in November and since then have sat down with recruiters
from 3 branches of the military: the navy, the army, and the marine core.
During each of my visits I was told my scores and what each meant and the
jobs I could do based on my scores. Jobs offered include air traffic control, IT,
and fiber-optics. Each branch emphasized the benefits including traveling,
health and dental care, college credits, cash bonuses, the G.I. Bill which pays
for college and leadership skills. The recruiters also expressed that once I
had completed my four-year service, I would have more options and freedom
than going through college. I could continue re-enlist, go to college with the
credits I would have gained, or search for jobs with the skills and experiences
learned from service. Of course, there are concerns both me and my parents
had, not qualifying, not being able to complete basic training, and even
being in combat or going to war. Regardless of if enlisting in the military is
something that interests you it is a good idea to take the ASVAB to keep
options open and see possible job and learning opportunities.