Why Hosting School Events is Beneficial for Students

Why Hosting School Events is Beneficial for Students

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Social interaction is one of the most important and memorable parts of your school experience that you get to keep in your memory for years.

However, it seems that recently teenage students have become more disconnected due to things like social media and school work.

Those factors can affect students’ overall outlook on school and therefore their academic performance and their behavior at school.
That’s why Freedom High School should work towards bringing their students’ energy and motivation up by providing them with more fun and interesting school events such as school dances, field trips, and pep rallies.

School events are also beneficial for students’ development because they create a greater sense of community among students by allowing them to interact and communicate in a fun social setting.

Alexandrea Sipley, a senior, thinks that school events can help improve students’ academic performance as well as their social life.

“School dances for example are a great opportunity for students to make new friends and engage with new people they might not have met before and that motivates them and encourages them to get in a better mood for school and that improves academic performance, ” Sipley said.

Freedom High School should also take in consideration that students also need to take their minds off upcoming exams and due dates every once in a while and school events are a very good way to achieve that and to allow students to get in a more positive headspace and motivate them and help them do better.