Why We Should Raise Awareness About Academic Stress and Technology

Why We Should Raise Awareness About Academic Stress and  Technology

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Academic stress and its impact on mental health is a topic that is very common in our society nowadays.

Many researches have shown that academic stress leads to a higher chance of developing anxiety, depression, and/or other mental health issues among high school teenagers.

And to addition to all that, students who have academic stress tend to perform poorly in school and have poor behavior and bad grades.

One of the main reasons that have caused academic stress especially since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is technology which became very common and very prominent during quarantine and the following period of time.

As technology evolves and digital devices become more easy to access, teachers have used technology to try and better learning environments.

Technology can indeed be beneficial for students but considering the other academic stressors, it can also be a huge distraction and do more harm than good.

Students can get distracted easily and can also find it difficult to manage their work online after being used to traditional school ways for years.

The more awareness and understanding there is around the topic of academic stress, how it’s growing, and how students are affected, the better and easier it will be for our school to take steps to fix the issue.

To start helping students’ mental health, we should raise more awareness around the topic of academic and technology stressors and work towards fixing it.

That way our school board and administrations as well as teachers and parents can start to work together to make academic stress more manageable and less common for their kids and their students future and well-being.