Why You Should Try Your Best to Avoid ISS

Why You Should Try Your Best to Avoid ISS

Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

ISS (In School Suspension) is a type of punishment that students get as a consequence for certain action they might’ve committed like getting in trouble with teachers, referrals, bad behavior, and a certain amount of tardies.

During ISS, students are not allowed to talk, interact or communicate with one another, leave the ISS room, eat or drink, use any type of electronic devices, or attend a certain amount of their classes during the school day until their ISS punishment time is over.

During that time, the only thing students are allowed to do is schoolwork and if they do not have their own schoolwork, they will be assigned with some to do.

If any student breaks any of these strict rules and restrictions, they may risk getting OSS (Out of School Suspension.)

Getting ISS can cause you to be behind on schoolwork due to not being in some of your classes and that could affect your overall grades and progress and hold you behind.

To avoid going to ISS and struggling with all those downsides, you should try your best to make sure you make it to all of your classes on time everyday and not have a lot of tardies.

You should also make sure to be on your best behavior in your classes and outside of your classes as well. You should also make sure to not get in trouble with any teachers or any students or get any referrals because ISS would just be the first punishment. Any further trouble or punishments may risk you being subject to OSS.