Canvas problems continue to disrupt student learning


Hares Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Ever since canvas replaced Edsby, there have been a lot of problems with not only the students, but with the teachers as well. A few different types of issues that canvas has are Browser Issues, User Account Issues and Content Creation Issues. These are just a few of the many problems that canvas has brought to the school life and it is just annoying students even more.

Everything was going well for the students in high school, Edsby was running smooth, students were comfortable with it because of years of use, and everything was easy to access. Then one day Hillsborough County announces the mandatory switch to the new website Canvas. Ever since the switch happened, everything went downhill.

“I miss Edsby to be honest, Canvas has been annoying me a lot lately. Everything is hard to access and there are so many options I do not even know where to begin,” Yassin Tazi said.

Accessing assignments and website teachers put out to use has also been a huge hassle. Students use different devices and browsers at home and some of them are not able to open certain things.

“I literally was on my phone using safari to open one of the links and it kept giving me an error, I closed and reopened it multiple times and it would not work. I never had this problem with Edsby,” Gio Mendoza said.

We were never warned or consulted about the switch to Canvas. They decided to switch, and we had no choice but to go with it.