Big Time Rush


Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Passing time in between classes is only five minutes and most of the time students find themselves being late to class because they don’t have enough time to walk from class to class.

Students also rarely have any time to stop by the bathroom or by the vending machines to get a quick snack or take a bathroom break before class starts because the passing time runs out fast and if they don’t make it to class on time they’ll get marked tardy and get punished for it.

Jo’Coby Hughes, a senior, believes how hard it is to make it from class to class especially because they’re far away from each other.

“Some of my classes are across from each other on campus and I barely get there on time and sometimes I am even late,” Hughes said.

Teachers are also very strict about allowing kids to go to the bathroom during class and they ask them to go in between classes but there isn’t enough time for students to make a stop without being late.

Hares Ibrahim, a junior, thinks a couple of extra minutes in between classes would make a difference and would give students more time to get to class while also making any necessary stops they need.

“I think there should be a couple extra minutes added to our passing time so that students could stop by the bathroom and not worry about being late or being unable to go during their class time,” Ibrahim said.