School Laptops – An Opinion Story

School Laptops - An Opinion Story

Jase Rosales, Staff Writer

School laptops are one of the many necessities of any school in the 21st century.

Laptops can be used for just about any subject in school. They were especially needed when all the schools went virtual due to COVID-19. But this is more about the quality of laptops rather than what they’re useful for and what-not.

The laptops for Freedom High School are very modern, mostly updated with the latest firmware. The school laptops also for the most part have touchscreen to make certain types of work easier.

However, there is a downside to the quality of the laptops.

Sure, there’s lots of pros with how advanced the laptops are. They’re actually even way better than my own personal laptop at home.

Anyway, some of the quality of the laptops are quite poor. When booted, they can be unresponsive so you can’t even log in.

Other times, you can log in but you can’t access the internet very easily.

Some of the laptops are always dead, and some of them don’t even turn on in general.

In my opinion, we could do way better. More times than most, it’s the students fault and not the schools.

Lots of students are very reckless with the laptops, not plugging them in or putting them in the correct position at all. Half the problems like the screens not being responsive can be fixed by simply factory resetting the laptop.

In my opinion, this can all be fixed by having the students simply take care of them but that may never happen. That’s my take on the school laptops.