Exams on the Horizon


Hayley Scalabrin, Staff Writer

Freedom High School seniors are preparing to take their final AP exams in May. These will be their final high school exams ever.

Will Shea, 12, thinks they should have cancelled exams this year because he says it has been a hard year for everyone.

“I am most anxious for my AP biology exam; I will make sure that I study hard for my exams and get a good night’s sleep before the tests. I am feeling quite burnt out, but I think I can push through the final weeks,” Shea said.

This year has been hard for many students because of the Coronavirus. Many students have been online or quarantined and have had a hard time keeping up in class.

Hannah Barrios, 12, has a severe case of senioritis and is not concerned about any of her exams. Barrios is the valedictorian for the 2021 graduating class.

“I think that my art exam will be the easiest because it is just a portfolio submission, so most of my work is already done. I am not really worried about any of my exams, I am mostly excited for all the exciting things left for this year,” Barrios said.

Makenna Thomas, 12, only has four electives so she is not anxious for her exams at all. As a senior, Thomas is not feeling too burnt out but says she is ready to graduate.

“I do think they should have canceled exams this year because Covid-19 really impacted the way we are learning and it will definitely put more pressure on us,” Thomas said.

Keona Garland, 12, feels as though her teachers have done a good job preparing her for her upcoming exams.

“Every year I buy AP prep books, but I didn’t this year. My teachers have given us AP exam review packets which help me out a lot.”