Three Sport Athlete


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

Playing one sport is a commitment, two is taxing, but three is crazy! Keira Eckhardt is a junior here at Freedom and is currently representing/ preparing to represent the school in three different sports. Eckhardt is finishing up the girls’ soccer season, has just begun conditioning for track, and is starting lacrosse practices as well, all overlapping each other by a couple of weeks.
Managing three sports seems like it would be a hassle and a big deal, especially when you include school and homework, but Eckhardt is up for the challenge. Though she has multiple days a week when she will have two back-to- back practices after school, she said, “managing [practices] with school isn’t actually as bad as I thought it would be.”
With track and soccer seasons already underway and coming to a close, Eckhardt has a couple of favorite memories from each of these sports. She loved getting to participate in the soccer girls’ senior night game, saying that “it’s always a really fun game, we get to celebrate the seniors and try to make sure they’re the ones scoring goals and having fun.” She could not pick a specific memory from track, but instead said that she loves getting to spend time with all of her teammates, and that she is rather good friends with them all.
As for lacrosse, she is excited to see how everything goes and to meet the girls’ team and get to know them better. “If I end up really liking lacrosse, I will do it next year, and will definitely be doing soccer and track,” she said. If all goes well, Eckhardt will remain a triple sport athlete for her senior year.