Super Bowl Madness


Michaela McGruder, Staff Writer

As we celebrate the win from the Buccaneers game this past weekend, we’re also celebrating the Bucs on making it to this year’s Super Bowl.

“This past weekend the Buccaneers had a lot of turnovers but, in my opinion the fact that they won outweighs the drawbacks that occurred during the game,” Rondarrius Whitehurst said.

So many students and teachers are showing how excited hey are by hanging Bucs flags outside their classroom doors, wearing their Bucs jerseys, and representing Tampa.

Being as though the Buccaneers haven’t won a playoff game since 2003, most of the students and staff are beyond excited.

“I feel as though it’s not just the Buccaneers attending the Super Bowl, I think it’s the whole Tampa Bay; the whole city will be going to the Super Bowl. I feel like it’s our time to shine, everyone had their turn now it’s ours,” Coach Josh Balloon said.

This year’s Super Bowl will be hosted and played in Tampa Bay with performances by three-time Grammy award winner The Weeknd.

“For the second time in my lifetime I am proud to see that the Buccaneers have made it to the Super Bowl, and I’m happy to see this year’s halftime show,” RTI Coordinator Debbie Grimm said.

The Buccaneers competitors next weekend will be the Kansas City Chiefs who have played with the Buccaneers before 13 times during regular season games; the Chiefs have defeated the Bucs before.

“The Chiefs definitely do not have a chance at beating the Bucs at the Super Bowl, with the team that the Bucs have, and their willpower; I have no doubt that we will win,” Jonathan Leveille commented.

Many are impressed with the fact that Tampa is the first city to have the Super Bowl played in its hometown.

“This year we will create history, we will rewrite the stars; this game will go down in history,” Coach Josh Balloon said, “We’re hosting this game, we’re playing in this game, and our hearts are in this game and no one can take this opportunity away from us.”