Patriot Predictions


Hayley Scalabrin, Staff Writer

Freedom Patriots are making predictions about the new year! Last year, 2020, was a crazy year for everyone. Among the most memorable moments were Coronavirus and awareness about racial injustice.

Angela Montana, 9, thinks that this year will look similar to last year.

“I think it’s going to be awhile before things totally calm down with Coronavirus and people should still be taking precautions to prevent more widespread. I believe there is always going to be racial problems however I do think everyone should be treated equally no matter their race. A random prediction I have is about global warming, I think some serious action will and needs to take place before it is too late,” Montana said.

Nirali Patel, 10, is also concerned about the current state of our climate.

“I honestly think that Coronavirus will still be around and that it is going to get worse because so many things are opening up and there are also going to be lots of kids coming back to school so it will be easier to spread. My prediction for racial injustice is that it is going to get better, but not completely. This generation is trying to make a difference and stand up for what they believe in. But there is a part of me that thinks that it could get worse, for example the cops who shot Breonna Taylor didn’t even get time so my prediction is that racial justice could go either way. I also think we will soon be underwater because of how fast the ice caps are melting,” Patel explained.

Makenna Thomas, 12, believes that 2021 will look a lot like 2020.

“Covid will probably still spread while people are waiting to be vaccinated. For racial justice there will be more bills passed in Congress to ensure equality with the new administration coming into office. I also predict that students going off to college will have primarily online classes still,” Thomas expressed.

Emma Stone, 10, is concerned about the Coronavirus pandemic continuing into the new year.

“I hope Coronavirus gets better; I think with the vaccine it will. However, I am worried about the new strand that’s more contagious. I think we will see some change regarding racial justice. People are outraged and will not let the injustices go on any longer. I don’t want to say any more predictions about 2021 because I don’t want to jinx anything,”  remarked.