A good run…for the Freedom Cross Country team


Hayden Wooldridge, Staff Writer

Freedom’s Cross-Country team is nearing the end of a very successful season. The team qualified for regionals and many players placed very high in the district race.

Going into the season, runners had expectations that were ultimately exceeded.

“I planned for my team to pass districts competition and qualify for regionals,” Maria Melara, 12, said.

This year only three teams qualified for regionals, rather than five, so Melara was extremely proud that they were able to qualify.

Owen Smith, 12, also said that he did not know what to expect for the season and “had low expectations going in because I was injured for a few months beforehand.”

Both Smith and Melara were working through injuries that set them back in season. However, they were able to make it back almost completely to how they were before their injuries. Both runners set goals for their season and were satisfied with their accomplishments.

Melara’s personal goal was to get back to her time before her injury and in her last race she was “overwhelmed with pride and so blessed to be a district champion”

Smith was also able to achieve his season best at districts and placed 5th among all the boys.

“For our district meet, both the girls and boys finished first and most people on the team got a personal or season best,” Smith said. All runners were proud that they qualified for districts and achieved personal records.

“The team will only get better, and after all my years of being on this team, I look forward to what the future years hold for them,” Melara said.