What’s Their GPA?


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

To be the valedictorian and salutatorian of your high school class takes a lot of hard work and dedication to your courses. They might have a year left before graduation, but these juniors have nothing if not impressive statistics to back up their hard work.

Pascale Carvalho is one of the highest ranked in the class of 2022 and has definitely taken her fair share of above level, advanced placement, and dual enrollment courses to boost her weighted GPA to almost a 6.0 at the end of her sophomore year. Carvalho is aiming to complete her associate’s degree by the time she graduates high school.

As for how she maintains such a high academic achievement, she said, “having a good GPA comes down to how much you study, and prioritizing what’s important to you.”

With goals to attend Columbia, a prestigious New York Ivy League University, Yasamin Khosh is another one of the juniors with high aspirations. She makes sure to play out her day, taking note of assignments, due dates, and makes sure that she takes the appropriate classes each semester.

“Maintaining my GPA involves a lot of hard work and dedication, but more than that, planning is key,” Khosh said.

Loc Nguyen has proved himself to be a top tier student among his peers, accumulating well over a 5.0 GPA. With multiple APs and dual enrollment classes having been taken over the past few years, he’s in good shape to stay near the top of the class.

Speaking to his class ranking, Nguyen said, “being ranked high is probably a result of me trying to be the best student I can be, it’s nothing I really ever strived for.”

With a GPA in the mid-5s, Shea Noll ranks well among her classmates, and will have countless APs completed by the end of this school year.

“I’ve definitely tried to push myself to take difficult classes and work hard, so that’s definitely more important to me than being at the top,” she said in terms of whether or not she has been striving towards being at the top of the class.

Carly Joerin is another of the top students of the 2022 class. Over the past few years, her GPA is in the mid-5s, and is steadily going up with her class load this year. “I’ve always wanted to be at the top,”Joerin said, “because I’ve wanted to go to a good college and I am just super competitive.”