Broom broom check out me room!


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

This school year, teachers have upped their game when it comes to decorating their rooms. All across campus, many classrooms have been adorned with different items and even some student work that reflect the teachers interests and their personalities.

Ms. Rice, the forensics teacher, has her walls striped with caution tape and painted with “bloody” handprints. She likes these decorations because she likes that they, “freak out the kids and administrators that don’t know who I am, or what I teach.”


Mr. Stephenson, the principal, has a calming and serene display near his desk in his office. A fifty five gallon,freshwater tank, with many fish, including African Cichlids, sits against a wall where he meets up with administrators, students, and parents alike.  “It provides a distraction and is very calming, especially when meeting with others,” Stephenson said.

Mrs. Adum, the marine teacher, has plenty of professional things that relate to her class, but her favorite things the things that her students make. “I love anything student made. It represents each individual student,” Adum said.

Mr. Fintel, an art teacher, takes a similar approach to covering his walls. He takes previous student artwork and displays it on a part of his wall to show his favorite pieces. “My personal favorites are the bear, the girl and baby, and the people riding bicycles,” Fintel said.

Mr. Gonzalez,  an economics teacher, has posters, uniforms, and images all over his room that are all dedicated to wars, and more specifically World War I and II. His favorite item is the WWII era military outfit on a mannequin behind his desk. “It’s something real and physical, from almost one hundred years ago, that people can see and feel. The World Wars had a tremendous impact on world economy, which is the relevance these images,” Gonzalez said.