No teacher, no respect


Rachel Rosser, Staff Writer

Just like students teachers are absent some days for various reasons resulting in there being a substitute teacher. Substitute teachers are just as qualified for their jobs as teachers are but are often treated with disrespect by students.

When students have a substitute teacher, its seen as an opportunity to be off-task and disregard the normal followed rules.

This results in zeros for some students and a note left behind by the substitute most likely being negative.

Students treat subs poorly mainly because they are new and haven’t acquired the respect that the teacher has.

Mr. Ronald Todd is a long-time substitute teacher at Freedom. Todd strives to build long-lasting relationships with students.

Substitute teachers put in a lot of effort to be respectful and kind to students nevertheless students are still rude. This is frowned upon, but students haven’t tried to change how they treat their elders. Not only does it not matter that substitutes are temporary teachers but also if they aren’t friendly.

Substitutes deserve the same amount of respect and compliance as permanent teachers. Substitutes are teachers and have been taught to teach regardless if they are in the teachers position for one day or the entire year the respect should remain consistent the entire time.

Respect given equals respect in return making the time period go by smoothly with no problems. This will overall change the replacement teacher day but also the students.

If students strive to be respectful and kind to substitutes as well as teachers in general the results would show. As the saying goes “Treat people the way you want to be treated.”