Students choose convenience when it comes to taking classes


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

Many students have decided to take online classes instead of traditional in-school courses. Some even take a class period or two off at the end of the school day to go home, with their 7th period listed on their schedules as “Virtual Placeholder.”

It’s a graduation requirement to take an online class, and that is one of the main reasons why Josie Clark, 12, took her online course.

“I needed an online credit and a HOPE credit.”

Numerous students take this opportunity to get their required classes out of the way.

Other students may sign up for virtual classes so that they can take a higher level course in school.

“I could take other classes with chemistry as a pre-requisite without having to take another class period in it,” Pascale Carvalho, 10, said.

If a student gets a grade that they think can be better, they have the chance to take the class over again online. Keshav Madhavan, 11, took the opportunity to retake a few of his classes for grade forgiveness.

“I didn’t get the best grades, so I went back to repeat them.”

Online classes provide a flexible pace to do assignments, making it a good choice for busy students.

Kelsi Matthews, 10, said, “I don’t prefer online classes, I just take them online to finish early and to have an option for when to turn things in.”

Some students including Jack Gardener, 11, believe that online classes are easier to take, some say that in-school classes are better, and some say it depends on the class.

“I’ve found that math is way easier in class, while history was extremely easy online.”