A new season brings a new coach to Freedom High School


Christopher Short was named as Freedom’s head football coach when the position became available after Henry Scurry stepped down before the season started. Having played football throughout his high school years, he knew he wanted to be a coach.

“When I heard the head coach left, I applied, and I also had last year.”

Nick Webb, 12, is playing for his 3rd head coach in three years at Freedom, and is looking forward to the opportunity of playing for Short.

“He deserved the position prior to this year”, Webb said.

Over the past five years, Short has earned the respect of his players.

Josh Lyons, 12, added, “I know a lot of us look up to him.” Much of the team idolizes Short as a coach, and as a person.

Many players also have a close relationship with Coach Short.  Hussien Hafiz, 12, thinks of Coach Short as, “a good friend, a good leader, and a good role model.”

Although the team has work to do, Coach Short believes they are, “building together, and working together very well.”

Coach Short wants to improve on their performance on the field, and also off the field as well.

“Coach Short is focused on building better young men,” Marlon Creary, 12. Short knows that these athletes are also students, and he’s additionally working to improve their academic accomplishments.

Sean Novo, 12, also believes that Coach Short is not only focused on improving their skills on the field.

“Character development is a part of it,” Novo said. His teaching goes beyond the football field, as he guides his players to be better people during their practices.