Driving test tips


Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

   A major milestone for many high school students is getting their drivers license. Driving brings freedom to be able to go places without asking for rides every time. However, to be able to drive you must pass the test.
   This test requires certain tasks to be completed with a driving instructor grading you. It is usually stressful for students the closer the day comes. Here are a few helpful tips to prepare for this big day:
1.Know and understand the rules of the test ahead of time. By doing this it creates one less thing to focus on when actually driving and helps to avoid minor mistakes.
2.Practice. Practice. Practice. The more time being behind the wheel the more comfortable it becomes when testing.
3. Find out what you’ll be instructed to do. The majority of tests cover parking straight, stopping at stop signs and red lights, following the speed limit, completing a 3-point turn, reversing for about 50 feet, and smoothly doing a quick stop.
4. Simulate the driving test. Preparing by completing a version of the driving test can help understand how the test will play out and cause less stress.
5. Try to approach the test casually. Still, stay focused, keep both hands on the wheel, and continue to check mirrors. Although when driving treat the situation like normal and try to be comfortable.
   Ultimately, passing the test is not complicated it is usually the stress leading up to it that causes problems. So by following this advice and staying calm, the big driving test can be a breeze. Remember, you can always retake it if necessary.