Workplace Secrets

Katie Matthews, Staff Writer

    Entry level jobs are a great way for students to earn their independence, however, come with their fair share of complications. Local businesses everywhere keep certain things hidden from the public eye. 

   “Everything we serve, except from the bakery, is made in bags. The soup is reusedand the tea is syrup diluted with water,” said one previous employee from a popular chain café. 

   It is commonly advertised that businesses focus on being clean or being fresh, but they do just the opposite. 

“Our meat is grade F and almost everything is in the freezer for days,” confessed a former fast food employee.  

   “My boss is committing fraud on the time cards by adding extra hours, they get about 100 extra dollars worth of hours per week.” said a gym employee. 

   “The kitchen gets really crowded and people bump into each other all the time. Salads are often dropped and pick up off the kitchen floor and served to customers,” admitted a server at a high-end restaurant. Workers may be confronted with the dilemma of being quick or doing the job well and management is usually unaware.  

   “We have to complete our own customers surveys to raise the overall satisfaction,” said an employee from a burger restaurant. 

   “Our managers take all of our tips from us. I’ve worked there for a while and have yet to see my share of tips,” complained a former pizza chain employee. A constant problem for high school students is money and working a minimum wage job with no tips can sometimes be hard to manage.  

   Students visit these businesses all time and they may not even know what is going on behind the scenes.  

DISCLAIMER: These confessions have been taken from high school students and may not be accurate.